Fine Art Advisory
Artist Representation
Curatorial Support

Artist, Curator and Creative Technologist, Mary Welch Higgins draws on her experience working with artists and arts organizations to navigate the shifting terrains of the art world in our times.  Mary weaves her experience in organizing visual art exhibitions, art collecting and small business entrepreneurship with her fluency in visual technologies to bring art and artists to broader audiences within the Washington DC area and beyond.

For More Information

Services for Studio Artists include:

  • Marketing and PR Support
  • Website Strategy and Production
  • Social Media. – training and strategy
  • Design and Content Development
  • Writing – Artist statements, articles, proposals
  • Exhibition Planning and Strategy.
  • Curatorial Support and Exhibition Planning

For Art Collectors

If you are interested in developing an art collection for yourself or your organization, watch this space over the next few months.  I’ll be posting articles about how myself and my husband started collecting and share thoughts our thoughts on how you can develop your eye as you begin the process of building your collection. Collecting is done for many reasons. It’s both a  personal and professional passion. We look forward to providing you with insights as you begin your journey.

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