New Image Artists

New Image Artists is a group of professional fiber and mix media artists who have been exhibiting together and individually for over 40 years. They are trailblazers and innovators working in a medium that has only recently gained solid support from the leading institutions in the art world. While each artist has her own studio process and conceptual aims, they are united by their dedication to their art and a creative camaraderie which has grown over years of meeting and exhibiting together.

Gathering In by B.J. Adams

B.J. Adams

Gathering In, 45"x 35", Textile Art (Detail)

Mend The Web, Mary Beth Bellah

Mary Beth Bellah

Mend The Web, 98" x 89", Quilted Fiber

Ashes Ashes by Linda Colsh

Linda Colsh

Ashes Ashes, 48" x 24", Fiber Art ( Detail)

Reliquaries by Joan Dreyer

Joan Dreyer

Reliquaries, Variable Dimensions, Fiber Art

Frameworks by Cathy Kleeman

Cathy Kleeman

Frameworks, Quilted Fiber, 61" x 59"

Carnival by Verena Levine

Verena Levine

34" x 29", Fabric Collage

Flow by Candace Edgerely

Candace Edgerely

Flow,Fiber Art, 12" x 12"

Handwork by Dominie Nash

Dominie Nash

Handwork, 45" x 39", Fabric Collage

New Guy by Ginny Smith

Ginny Smith

New Guy, 13" x 1 1.25", Quilted Fiber

Spring and Fall by Andrea Uravitch

Andrea Uravitch

Spring and Fall, 26" x 20" x 3", Mixed Media,

Memory Catcher by Saaraliisa Ylitalo

Saaraliisa Ylitalo

Memory_Catcher, 48" x 54", Fiber Art