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Clay and the Work of Elizabeth Vorlicek

Garden Nest by Elizabeth Vorlicek

Garden Nest

Stoneware, porcelain, cone 6 oxidation

The history of ceramics goes back millennia. When an artist chooses to work with clay, they are not just in dialogue with the history of art but also the earth. Clay appeals to artists for its flexibility and durability. You can pinch, pull, stretch, tear, etc.  So while it has a storied past in the decorative arts, the medium also appeals to the contemporary artists who explores ideas and create works that address the world in which they live in. Elizabeth Vorlicek references art history from Dutch Still Life painting to Duchamp’s ready-mades in her sculptural ceramics. What results is sculptural works that refer to objects and places in our everyday life but take us to a new and an unexpected world – A Poetry in Clay.

Visit Elizabeth’s artist page to see more of her work.

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Hand-Cut Collage

House of the Rising Sun by Alexandra N Sherman

House of the Rising Sun

Decorative cut paper on 1930's pay certificate, 7 x 4 in

Collage by Alexandra N Sherman

” A collage is a unique work of art created from disparate materials. “

Distinct Studios artist, Alexandra N Sherman is a mixed media artist who grew up in the antique business. Her inspirations are art history, literature and the decorative arts. Her unique hand-cut collages on vintage pay certificates have a sly edge that reference contemporary events while echoing past histories.

Visit Alexandra’s artist page to see more of her work.

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