The Bridgework Series by Alexandra N Sherman

Collage is a beguiling medium in the hands of the multi-faceted artist Alexandra N Sherman. She creates unique hand-cut collages that conjure a sense of an alternate universe where a surreal play-like narrative is either beginning or ending.

Her collage work may remind viewers of the American collage artist Joseph Cornell but German-Swiss artist, Kurt Schwitters can also be described as an apt creative ancestor to the artist.  He worked in collage while living through a time of great conflict in Europe and beyond. Both artists were influenced by the surrealists but Schwitters engaged the Dada movement in his collages, which incorporated re-used papers and at times stamps.

Sherman has a fascination with antique papers and utilizes receipts and checks from the early 20th century that have been written on and stamped as the foundation for her collage work. The antique script becomes a series of marks and careful consideration is given to the placement of each collage element. The juxtaposition of imagery appropriated from various vintage sources transform these once mundane pieces of paper into works of art. The sly titles with open ended references tie the mystery together. We are left to wonder as to the meaning but also feel a sense of permission from the artist to create our own.

We invite you to explore the Bridgework series of collages in our first online exhibit and Alexandra’s artist’s page.